How the Facebook timeline works

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When you log in to Facebook, you will always see the timeline with status updates of your friends and pages that you like. Every person has an unique timeline with different personalised content. In this tutorial will we will explain every part of the Facebook timeline.
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Turn on two factor authentication on Facebook

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Two factor authentication is a secure method to log in, because it requires a second or third authentication. In this article we look at the question of why two-factor authentication is more secure than the standard authentication methods. Also, we show you how you can enable two factor authentication on Facebook.
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How to create a Facebook Page for your business

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Facebook page
A lot of people make the mistake of creating a regular profile for their business instead of creating a company page. Read this tutorial to learn how you can create a company page on Facebook.

Why you need a company profile

Facebook has over one billion active users! There’s a big chance that your adience is also on Facebook. By creating a company page, you can interact with your customers.

  • Post updates, pictures or video’s about your company to Facebook
  • Let your customers know about new deals or products
  • Show the popularity of your company with Facebook Likes
  • Add your address, phone number, email-address and business hours on your page

Create a company profile

It’s actually really easy to create a company profile on Facebook. All you need is a regular Facebook account. So if you don’t have one, create it first and continue reading this tutorial. To create a page, click on Create a Page to continue.

Create Facebook page

Create a company page on Facebook

As you can see you have a few options on this page. Click on the thumbnail that is the most relevant for your business to continue.
Next enter your companies information in the required fields (all of them) and click on Get Started to continue.
Facebook page
In the next field, you will be asked to enter more information like categorie(s), description of your company, website (if you have one), and in some cases, you can also enter a unique Facebook address (e.g. Enter this information and click Save info (or you can skip to this for now with the Skip option).
The next screen gives you the option to upload a profile picture. You can skip this step but we recommend to do this because this will make your brand more recognizable.
The next step is optional. It gives you the option to add your Company page to your favorites so you can easily access from your timeline.

Facebook ads

The last step is for Facebook ads. Facebook ads let’s you reach a large audience by advertising on Facebook. It is of course not required but it’s a powerful way to reach new potential customers. You can set ads later too if you would like to.

That’s it. You now have created a Facebook company page the proper way. We recommend that you regularly update your page with new status updates. Let your friends know of the new page by inviting them to like the page. You can do this by viewing the company page.

Invite friends

Invite your friends to like your new page